Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Go fuck yourself somemore San-tiago

Ok so if you have nothing good to say say nothing at all....But I will say this...I’m still in Santiago.  The border is open finally today, but may close any day.  Rang the dealership to get my bike papers as arranged last week and they admitted they have done nothing despite me buying the bike on 22/06.  Means I might have to wait another week or so until they are lodged with the government.  Pretty devastated really.  

In the meantime I am preparing for the border crossing, which has included becoming an expert on the weather.  People from the hostel I am staying in are even asking me about the weather now if they need to know how the next few days will be.  Its not the best really, even when the pass is open the freezing level is nearly 1000 metres below the border pass altitude (3200 metres), and I think I have 160km to ride over at this altitude, the total distance to Mendoza being 370km.  Wind chill is between -15 and -30 not including the ride speed added in.  Using highly trustworthy internet conversions this equates to -60 if I travel at 40mph….that can’t be right can it?  Probably not?

Other than all this I have been doing some touristy things.  Some pictures from the top of Santa Cristobel hill, Santiago.  Mountains look a bit on the BIG side.

Picture of the large globe in the entrance to the natural history museum.  They decided to omit the UK, must know something we don't.

Meanwhile I am still eating healthily….found a place that gives FREE empanadas with a Super Completo, being stuck here is no longer so bad.  

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