Saturday, 7 July 2012

Insane Chilean Bureaucracy

Finally got the number plates, never have I been happier to see a couple of pieces of metal.  Should be good news.  Trouble is I still need the Padron (final proof of ownership document).  I have a ream of other documents that prove the bike is mine but not the Padron.  Just spent 9hrs today going to loads of different government agencies/police departments. Some said I can cross the border on the bike and some said I can't???  Craziness.

Joining the masses at the Registo Civil, Santiago

I’m not entirely sure but am going to gun it for the border early tomorrow.  400kms over the Andes, the highest mountains outside of the Himalayas hell yeah adventure time. Wish me luck, see you on the other side.

Getting ready to go, possibly trying to pack one too many dress shirts?
 On another note, you know when you are in school and they tell you your intestines are long enough to reach around 2 football fields, well double that amount and you get a picture of how much rope and elastic I’m using to tie my stuff down.  I could probably get away with a lot less if I knew some real knots but I don’t, so granny knots it is.

Almost packed and almost balanced

 Dan and Simone who helped me a lot to get going, cheers guys!

This time tomorrow it will all be over.  Finally getting out of here.

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