Friday, 20 July 2012

So decision made

Well its funny how things work out.  Last few days I have been thinking to head north, when I somehow found myself a job of sorts.  I was in a language school looking for information on Spanish courses when after 10 mins of chatting I realised they thought I had come to ask about a teaching job.  I can see the confusion, I had my CV in my hand as I had been updating it and printed it out earlier in case I needed it in the future.  

When I realised I was being inteviewed I pointed out I was far from a teacher and I only want to learn Spanish.  The person happened to be Cristina, the owner of the Intercultural school and she already had 50 decent teachers anyway, but she said she would offer me a free room in a house in exchange for me editing their English language website and coordinating their weekly intercultural meeting in a bar.  I could then take lessons in the school as well.   It seemed like a good deal so I agreed - I get my own room after all this time away and a free beer once a week.  So I suppose I am staying in Mendoza for a month.  Decision made.

Sunset from the Balcony in my room

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