Saturday, 30 June 2012

Stuck in Limbo

I was hoping to leave Chile today, however my number plates and other documents are not ready.  Also the rain is torrential, and when there is rain in Santiago it means there is snow in the Andes.  A lot of people I meet are excited about skiing and all I can think about is getting through the Andes into Argentina.  With the weather like this the border is closed, and looks to be until the middle of next week.  Will just have to hole up here for a while and fend off the growing cabin fever I am developing.  I do have some ski pants and a fleece now so hopefully that should sort the cold out……still no maps though, can’t find them anywhere.  I also made some fake copies of my driving licence today, ready for the famously corrupt Argentine police, they can keep my fake licence if they cause any trouble as I ride off into the sunset.  Tomorrow I will try to buy some camping stuff for the nights I will have to sleep by the road.

In other news I learnt how my staple diet of Empanadas are made.  Empanadas are like Cornish Pasties and have many different fillings. This type is called Empanada de Pino - filled with minced meat, onion, egg, and an olive.  Different to Argentine Empanadas in that in Chile they like to f*ck with you and leave the stone in the Olive.  It took me about ten Empanadas to remember not to ruin my teeth on them.  

Empanada time - my best effort so far is 6 in one sitting.

In addition to Empanadas I am also finding the time to supplement my diet with Completos - hotdogs topped with chopped onion and tomato, swimming in mayonnaise and mustard. Fantastic stuff.

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