Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Mendoza now what?

So have been in Mendoza for about a week now and am having trouble working out what to do.  I spent so long wanting to get back to Argentina that I didn’t actually think about what I would do once I got here.  In the meantime I have been getting on with mundane stuff like getting the bikes first 1000km service arranged and moving hostels to Hostel Lau, and then Hostel Empedrada, both of which are better than Itaka.  

Parque Indepedencia
Other than this I have met a few couchsurfing people, drank mate, ridden all over the vineyards around Mendoza (always with the impressive backdrop of the mountains over your shoulder), and I've also been on the obligatory wine tour on bicycles trip.  The latter being where you basically ride to different bodegas and try their wines and pretend to ask intelligent question about wine production whilst getting progressively drunk.  

This guy was great, it was the last vineyard we visited, his family moved to Argentina from Sicily when he was one and they have been making wine ever since.  He has won loads of awards and featured in international papers.  Best wine of the day, just can't remember his name!  He really was a Don, it said so on the bottles.
Sicilian Don??? 

Also done a few day trip around and about below is Cacheut, an area with Thermal springs.  Some shockingly clad people out here in terrible swimsuits.  Was in too much shcok to capture them so you'll have to settle for the bridge that is there instead...

All good stuff but am starting to get restless now, so a decision will need to be made soon.  Return to Rosario or head off north??

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