Monday, 12 November 2012

Brazil II FLORIANOPOLIS – The holiday continues

Juli looking down on Praia da Galheta - we didn't know it at the time but its a nudist beach.  Which always means fat old naked men.
So with Oktoberfest over I needed a some beach time so on the 29th I headed to the famous beaches of Florianopolis (Floripa for short) on Santa Catalina island.  Floripa is good, very very good actually and again as usual my planned two or three days in one place ended up being fifteen days.  I met a lot of people in hostels and went to many of the 40 or so beaches.  It was so good that while speaking to Julia (who I met in Rosario) one day on skype, she decided to fly out and take a holiday there at the same time.  It was great to take time out and not need to travel hundreds of kms a day and even more so to have some company.  

Something that had not occurred to me until now, but after zig sagging across the continent I have actually travelled from the Pacific to the Atlantic.  Not too shabby a trip I think.  Having the bike here has been a definite bonus and I think I have pretty much ridden all over the island seeing some of the places that are not so easy to get to, the south of the island especially.  Although now the bike is developing a bit of an oil leak that I’ll need to fix soon.  Anyway it can wait, there is too much beach time to get in.  Ok picture time, there is a few, but I hope you like them.
Making it from Pacific to Atlantic
View looking towards the south of the Island
Come here lil' fella
Rocks betwen Praia da Galheta and Praia Mole

Sunset looking over Barra da Lagao from my hostel - Backpack share house

The sky at night
Praia do Mocambique after draging the bike out of the sand
Praia in Barra do Lagoa
Juli's Argentine Bikini, very different to Brazilian ones apparantly!
Still on the beach
Some of the inland paths

 The following is what happens when you try to take a beach shot with a motorbike.



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