Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Plan

Ok after meeting a few inspirational people and getting sick of the road often travelled, I have bought a motorbike in Santiago, Chile and am going to ride it over the Andes through the highest mountains outside of the Himalayas and into Argentina.  Not great timing, its winter but if all goes well I have 2 pretty good choices, 1st option, ride as far north as I can through Argentina and Bolivia, hopefully to the Amazon rainforest…or 2nd option ride east through Mendoza, Cordoba and back to Rosario (my favourite place so far) and then when it is warm enough ride south to Patagonia, see some glaciers, a few whales, pop into Ushuaia - the southernmost city in the world, then maybe if I can, catch a boat to Antarctica…

After this I somehow have to get the bike back over the Andes to Santiago and sell what is left of it.  I’d like to try both options but my bike is a 200cc Chinese copy of a Suzuki, I’ve had 2 punctures in my 1st 24hrs of ownership and have a staggering cruising speed of 80km/h.  According to the highly accurate google maps this is about 15,000km so possibly a bit ambitious but I’ll give some of it a go.  Right now I’m stuck in Santiago due to a big snow storm in the mountains and the border pass is closed for a week but at least it gives me time to start planning and buy a map.
If anyone is so incredibly bored and have nothing better to do you can read about some of my trip here:  Its written for family, and nothing of depth but you are more than welcome...

Below flying over the Andes into Santiago from Argentina.  Can actually see both sides of the range.

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