Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Valparaiso, A haven for sadistic dogs

After being in Valparaiso for 2 days in an empty hostel, no exaggeration, I decided to come back a bit early.  Its been pretty cold and rainy here – Valpo is definitely more of a summer destination.  I can see it is a picturesque place but with all the cloud and rain it reminds me of Torquay (the English town not Oz). The only difference being there are an incredible amount of stray dogs and far less Scots.  The dogs here hate motorbikes too.  The bastards chase you when you ride past, which is seriously not fun.  Traffic lights are hellish, they are always there waiting for you.  I ended up developing a method by sticking my leg out just as they go for you so that when they try to bite all they get is the boot.  I suppose a little like a game of Polo, except slightly less graceful and no supermodels to impress.  Beginning to think the Rabies jab would have been an idea now.   The ride back to Santiago was much quicker and I am really getting used to the bike.  Santiago was no way near as daunting this time round.

Valpo view from the port side

Here is a picture of a famous Chilean dish invented in Valpo called Chorillana, essentially made up of a kilo of fries, chopped onion, sausage, I think beef and topped off with fried eggs.  It goes without saying but my diet is radically improving out here.

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