Saturday, 18 August 2012

Mendoza, you've been great.

All finished in Mendoza, the month is up and finished the website work and the last week of school, as I write this I have a monster hangover from having some leaving drinks last night.  Somehow in the process we stole a sculpture too, not proud, ok maybe a bit, but I think we did the world a favour, its nasty.  Fernet y coke is greatly dangerous.  Rather than write I'm going to lazily leave some random in no particular order pictures from things I noticed in Mendoza and then go back to sleep...To Dani, Elle, Isabella, Beatriz, Juan, Roxanne, Facu, Sandrine, Cathy Good times guys!

I wasn't hungry so I only asked for a steak sandwich and this is what they gave me.

A busy 8am bus packed with people ready to start work.
If you've been to Argentina you know you have to queue for everything.  Cashpoints are bad, supermarkets are worse.  You often have to queue 20 mins!

Argentina does Icecream too, con Dani
Facu, Beatriz, Isabella, Juan

Elle, Beatriz, Isabella

Showing the Brazilians how not to make an English Breakfast after a night out.  

Con Roxanne

Horrid penis brain heart sculpture, I think I get what it means?

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