Sunday, 26 August 2012

Couchsurfing La Rioja style

I had my own bedroom at Victorias and it was good to relax for a few days whilst fixing my bike and generally doing nothing.  It’s a relaxing town to be in with the habitants just getting on with everyday life, which is mostly revolved around olive oil and wine production so you can take it as granted that the climate is just as you imagine.

Victoria is a great host and it was nice to stay there, she has a clothes shop in La Rioja, but she really should work in tourism as she has a tonne of information on the area and has hosted around 80 people through couchsurfing.  She made sure I tried traditional food such as Locro and took me out with her friends on the last night I was there.  The only downside being the hangover I left with.  
Locro time
The plaza in daytime

Typical streets around here
Vicky + friends + too much Fernet = evil hangover.
Hangovers are never fun, and riding a bike with one is worse.  For some reason everytime I’ve ridden with a hangover I have been really cold.  Leaving La Rioja, the weather today was warm but for most of the journey my hands and feet were numb, it has to do with the consumption of Fernet, I´m sure of it.  Today was all about riding 250km out of the way and getting to Andalgala ready for the Cuesta pass tomorrow.  I was planning on rough camping close to the Andalgala, however when I got within 30km I could not find anywhere hidden near the road and there were a lot of people everywhere.  With daylight fading I had to ride into town and find somewhere.  This ended up being a sorry looking motel where I was the only guest that night and most probably the only one in the last few months.

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